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Super-Casino Expansion


Join us today to campaign against more Super-Casinos -

make the CASE in your area.

If the first Super-Casino goes ahead in the UK we will see the damaging consequences of such a development, predicted to include an increase in problem gambling in the local area and ruin for many local businesses.

The new Super-Casino will be allowed up to 1250 Category A gaming machines – one of the most addictive types of gambling in the world and never seen before in the UK.

“We must continue to present the case against Super-Casinos in the UK”.

Steven Bate, CASE Co-ordinator


"To say that this will benefit the poorest people in the most deprived areas is absolutely ludicrous. Those are the people most likely to fall victim to gambling addiction and the associated debt problems that brings".

Richard Brown, London

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Councillor Steven Bate. Blackpool Council, Campaign Organiser.

“Problems associated with
Super-Casinos are well-known
– increased problem gambling
and crime rates, coupled with
short-term job creation at the
expense of long-term
sustainable investment”

Steven Bate
Campaign organiser
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